Evolution of Maritime Cultures on the Northeast and the Northwest Coasts of America


Ronald J. Nash, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, St. Francis Xavier University; Roy L. Carlson, Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University; Virginia P. Miller, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Dalhousie University; Donald H. Mitchell, Department of Anthropology, University of Victoria; Knut R. Fladmark, Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University; David R. Yesner, Department of Anthropology, McGill University; Arthur E. Spiess, Maine Historic Preservation Commission; Bruce J. Bourque, Maine State Museum; Steven L. Cox, Maine State Museum; Robert Whitlam, Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, Olympia, Washington; R. G. Matson, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of British Columbia; Philip M. Hobler, Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University; David V. Burley, Archaeological Survey of Alberta; Kenneth M. Ames, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Administration, Boise State University; David Sanger, Department of Anthropology, University of Maine


Archaeology, Northwest coast, Northeast coast, North America, Maritime cultures, Evolution


The evolution of maritime cultures on the Northeast and the Northwest coasts of America


  • Complete Book
  • Frontmatter
  • Contents
  • Preface
    Ronald J. Nash
  • The Progress and Process of Theory Building
    The Northeast and Northwest Coasts
    Ronald J. Nash
  • Method and Theory in Northwest Coast Archaeology
    Roy L. Carlson
  • Social and Political Complexity on the East Coast
    The Micmac Case
    Virginia P. Miller
  • Tribes and Chiefdoms of the Northwest Coast
    The Tsimshian Case
    Donald H. Mitchell
  • A Comparison of Sea-Levels and Pre-Historic Cultural Developments on the East and West Coasts of Canada
    Knut R. Fladmark
  • On Explaining Changes in Prehistoric Coastal Economies
    The View from Casco Bay
    David R. Yesner
  • Cultural Complexity and Evolution in the Development of Coastal Adaptations Among the Micmac and Coast Salish
    David V. Burley
  • Models of Coastal Adaptation
    The Northwest Coast and Maritimes
    Robert Whitlam
  • Intensification and the Development of Cultural Complexity
    The Northwest Versus the Northeast Coast
    R. G. Matson
  • Settlement Location Determinants
    An Explanation of Some Northwest Coast Data
    Philip M. Hobler
  • Cultural Complexity in Maritime Cultures
    Evidence from Penobscot Bay, Maine
    Arthur E. Spiess, Bruce J. Bourque, Steven L. Cox
  • Toward a General Model of the Evolution of Ranking Among Foragers
    Kenneth M. Ames
  • Overview
    David Sanger
  • References
  • Backmatter


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May 11, 2017