The Zhokhov Island Site and Ancient Habitation in the Arctic


Vladimir V. Pitul'ko
Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University
William W. Fitzhugh


Archaeology, Arctic, Wet site, Mesolithic, Arctic Ocean, Faunal analysis, Hafted microblades


A Mesolithic wet site in the Arctic Ocean.


  • Frontmatter
  • Complete Book
  • Contents
  • Preface
    William W. Fitzhugh
  • Introduction
  • Chapter I. From Birth to Collapse: On the History of Archaeological Studies in the Russian Arctic
  • Chapter II. Late Pleistocene Natural Dynamics and the Problem of Early Human Habitation in the Arctic
  • Chapter III. The Zhokhov Island Mesolithic Site
  • Chapter IV. Terminal Pleistocene-Early Holocene Relics of Northeast Asia and the Zhokhov Assemblage
  • Chapter V. Early Man in Arctic Ecosystems: Environmental Dynamics and Changeability of Subsistence Models
  • Summary and Concluding Remarks
  • References
  • Figures
  • Abbreviations


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May 5, 2017