The Economic Prehistory of Namu


Aubrey Cannon
Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University
Roy L. Carlson
Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University
Ingrid Fawcett


Archaeology, Pacific Northwest, Northwest Coast, Central Coast, Namu, Vertebrate faunal remains, Fauna utilization, Taxonomic abundance, Prehistoric economy, Marine resources, Salmon


The vertebrate faunal remain recovered from the Central Coast site of Namu are a rich source of information concerning the changing patterns of fauna utilisation in the region. The descriptive data of taxonomic abundance and fauna characteristics presented are the basis for an interpretation of the prehistory economy and settlement of the site over the period from 7000 cal. B.P. to approx. the time of European contact. The data indicates a long-term pattern of marine resource utilisation, in which changes in the availability of salmon played a key role in the scale of site settlement and cultural activity.



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May 4, 2017