The Ancient Past of Keatley Creek: Volume II: Socioeconomy


Brian Hayden, Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University; Diana Alexander; Sylvie Beyries; Dana Lepofsky; Sara Mossop Cousins; William Middleton; Karla Kusmer; Kevin Berry; Martin Handly; David Crellin; Ty Heffner; Jim Spafford; Richard MacDonald


Archaeology, British Columbia Plateau, Household archaeology, Keatley Creek, Pithouse, Socioeconomy, Complex hunter/gatherer, Social organization, Economic organization, Political organization, Faunal remains, Botanical remains, Lithics, Housepit size, Prestige artifacts, Fishing sites, Domesticated dogs, Architectural reconstruction, Paleoethnobotany, Zooarchaeology


Keatley Creek is a world heritage quality site with unusually large housepits, good preservation, clear architectural features and evidence for complex socioeconomic organization. Work done here has been at the center of theoretical and methodological advances in archaeological studies of complex hunter/gatherers. Volume II: Socioeconomy presents analyses dealing with the basic social, economic, and political organization of the prehistoric community at Keatley Creek. Faunal, botanical, and lithic remains are examined in individual chapters to determine how activities were structured within housepits of different sizes (small, medium, and large). Not only does the internal organization of activities differ between small and large housepits, but the overall assemblage compositions also vary. Small housepits are relatively impoverished compared to large housepits even after assemblage size differences are taken into account. Special chapters address prestige artifacts, evidence for ownership of fishing sites, the role of domesticated dogs at the site, heating strategies used in the pithouses, and architectural reconstructions. Summary chapters deal with inferences about the overall prehistoric socioeconomic organization at the site, the relative level of complexity of the community, and a reconstruction of life at the site.


  • Frontmatter
  • Complete Book
  • Contents
  • Preface
    Brian Hayden
  • Introduction and Housepit Activities
  • Chapter 1: Socioeconomic Factors Influencing Housepit Assemblages at Keatley Creek
    Brian Hayden
  • Chapter 2: Pithouses on the Interior Plateau of British Columbia
    Ethnographic Evidence and Interpretation of the Keatley Creek Site
    Diana Alexander
  • Chapter 3: Functional Analysis of Stone Tools in Housepit 7
    Sylvie Beyries
  • Organic Analysis
  • Chapter 4: Socioeconomy at Keatley Creek
    The Botanical Evidence
    Dana Lepofsky
  • Chapter 5: A Paleoethnobotanical Comparison of Four "Small" Housepits
    Sara Mossop Cousins
  • Chapter 6: Chemical Identification of Activity Areas in the Keatley Creek Housepits
    William Middleton
  • Chapter 7: Zooarchaeological Analysis at Keatley Creek
    Karla Kusmer
  • Chapter 8: Prehistoric Salmon Utilization at the Keatley Creek Site
    Kevin Berry
  • Chapter 9: The Analysis of Mesodebitage and Mesofauna at Keatley Creek
    Brian Hayden, Martin Handly
  • Chapter 10: The Dogs of Keatley Creek
    David Crellin, Ty Heffner
  • Lithic Analysis
  • Chapter 11: Socioeconomic Inferences from Floor Distributions of Lithics at Keatley Creek
    Jim Spafford
  • Chapter 12: The Lithic Assemblages of Two Small Housepits (HP's 90 and 104)
    Ty Heffner
  • Chapter 13: Prestige Artifacts at Keatley Creek
    Brian Hayden
  • Chapter 14: Lithic Variability between Tested Housepits
    Jim Spafford
  • Architecture
  • Chapter 15: Structural Strategies for Pithouses at the Keatley Creek Site
    Richard MacDonald
  • Chapter 16: Body Heat as a Strategy for Winter Survival in Housepits
    Richard MacDonald
  • Conclusions
  • Chapter 17: An Overview of the Classic Lillooet Occupation at Keatley Creek
    Brian Hayden
  • Chapter 18: Social Organization and Life at Keatley Creek
    A Reconstruction
    Brian Hayden
  • Index
  • Backmatter


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May 3, 2017

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