The Ancient Past of Keatley Creek: Volume I: Taphonomy


Brian Hayden, Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University; Andrew Henry; Rolf W. Mathewes; Marlow G. Pellatt; Pierre Friele; Dale Donovan; Paul Goldberg; Dana Lepofsky; Karla D. Kusmer; Mike Rousseau; Nora Franco; Jim Spafford; William C. Prentiss; Edward F. Bakewell


Archaeology, British Columbia Plateau, Keatley Creek, Pithouse, Taphonomy, Complex hunter/gatherer, Dating, Climate, Site formation processes, Botanical remains, Faunal remains, Lithic assemblage, Lithic sources, Geoarchaeology, Paleoethnobotany, Zooarchaeology


Keatley Creek is a world heritage quality site with unusually large housepits, good preservation, clear architectural features and evidence for complex socioeconomic organization. Work done here has been at the center of theoretical and methodological advances in archaeological studies of complex hunter/gatherers. Volume I: Taphonomy includes thorough documentation of dating, climate, soils, and site formation processes. Botanical, faunal and lithic remains are examined to see what they reveal about the formation of different types of strata (floors, roofs, middens). Stone sources are identified and the lithic assemblage is analyzed from a design theory perspective emphasizing both artifacts and debitage.


  • Frontmatter
  • Complete Book
  • Contents
  • Preface
    Brian Hayden
  • Introduction and Dating
  • Chapter 1: The Opening of Keatley Creek
    Research Problems and Background
    Brian Hayden
  • Chapter 2: Dating Deposits at Keatley Creek
    Brian Hayden
  • Chapter 3: Mixing of Projectile Point Types within Housepit Rim and Floor Strata at Keatley Creek
    Andrew Henry, Brian Hayden
  • Geology and Soils
  • Chapter 4: Holocene Climate in the South-Central Interior of British Columbia
    Rolf W. Mathewes, Marlow G. Pellatt
  • Chapter 5: The Evolution of Landforms at Keatley Creek, near Lillooet, British Columbia
    Pierre Friele
  • Chapter 6: Soils Report
    Keatley Creek 1987
    Dale Donovan
  • Chapter 7: Micromorphological Aspects of Site Formation at Keatley Creek
    Paul Goldberg
  • Chapter 8: Variations in Sediment Characteristics across Floors
    Brian Hayden
  • Organic Remains
  • Chapter 9: Site Formation Processes at Keatley Creek
    The Paleoethnobotanical Evidence
    Dana Lepofsky
  • Chapter 10: Animal Resource Utilization and Assemblage Formation Processes at Keatley Creek
    Karla D. Kusmer
  • Lithic Remains
  • Chapter 11: Results of the Keatley Creek Archaeological Project Lithic Source Study
    Mike Rousseau
  • Chapter 12: Keatley Creek Lithic Strategies and Design
    Brian Hayden, Nora Franco, Jim Spafford
  • Chapter 13: The Formation of Lithic Debitage and Flake Tool Assemblages in a Canadian Plateau Winter Housepit Village
    Ethnographic and Archaeological Perspectives
    William C. Prentiss
  • Chapter 14: An Analysis of the Distributions of Lithic Artifacts in the Roofs of Three Housepits at Keatley Creek
    Jim Spafford
  • Chapter 15: An Analysis of Lithic Artifacts from the Rim Deposits at HP 7
    William C. Prentiss
  • Chapter 16: Classification and Distribution of Debitage at the Keatley Creek Housepit Village
    Edward F. Bakewell
  • Conclusions
  • Chapter 17: Site Formation Processes at Keatley Creek
    Brian Hayden
  • Index
  • Backmatter


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May 3, 2017