Indian Art Traditions of the Northwest Coast


Roy L. Carlson, Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University; Bill Holm; Wilson Duff; Wayne Suttles; Doris Lundy; George MacDonald; Charles E. Borden; Arnoud Stryd; Richard Daugherty; Janet Friedman


Archaeology, Northwest Coast, Pacific Northwest, First Nations, Northwest Coast Art, Ozette, Ethnography, Form in Art


This is a collection of eleven articles that came out of a 1976 symposium titled "The Prehistory of Northwest Coast Indian Art." Although more than two decades old, many of these articles are considered classics by students of NW Coast art and ethnography. Especially worth noting is Bill Holm’s article titled "Form in Northwest Coast Art." There also is a somewhat speculative article by Wilson Duff on meaning in Northern NW Coast art and an article about material from the Ozette archaeological site, which is housed in Neah Bay, Washington, at the Makah Cultural Research Center. There is a lengthy bibliography but no index; all illustrations are in black and white.


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  • Complete Book
  • Contents
  • Illustrations
  • Dedication
  • Preface
  • 1. Prehistory of the Northwest Coast
    Roy L. Carlson
  • 2. Form in Northwest Coast Art
    Bill Holm
  • 3. The World is as Sharp as a Knife
    Meaning in Northern Northwest Coast Art
    Wilson Duff
  • 4. Productivity and its Constraints
    A Coast Salish Case 5. Styles of Coastal Rock Art
    Wayne Suttles
  • 5. Styles of Coastal Rock Art
    Doris Lundy
  • 6. Prehistoric Art of the Northern Northwest Coast
    George MacDonald
  • 7. Prehistoric Art of the Central Coast of British Columbia
    Roy L. Carlson
  • 8. Prehistoric Art of the Lower Fraser Region
    Charles E. Borden
  • 9. Prehistoric Mobile Art from the Mid-Fraser and Thompson River Areas
    Arnoud Stryd
  • 10. An Introduction to Ozette Art
    Richard Daugherty, Janet Friedman
  • 11. Change and Continuity in Northwest Coast Art
    Roy L. Carlson
  • References
  • Credits and Acknowledgements
  • Backmatter


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April 28, 2017