Archaeology of Coastal British Columbia: Essays in Honour of Professor Philip M. Hobler


Roy L. Carlson, Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University; Aubrey Cannon, McMaster University; David R. Hall; Daryl Fedje, Parks Canada; Alan D. McMillan, Simon Fraser University; Rudy Reimer, Squamish Nation; Farid Rahemtulla, University of Northern British Columbia; Catherine C. Carlson, University College of the Cariboo; Mike Rousseau, Antiquus Archaeological Consultants; Lisa P. Seip, Antiquus Archaeological Consultants; Paul Ewonus, Antiquus Archaeological Consultants; Simon Kaltenrieder, Antiquus Archaeological Consultants; David P. Johnstone, Humboldt State University; David M. Schaepe, Sto:lo Nation; Douglas Brown, Simon Fraser University; Grant Keddie, Royal British Columbia Museum; David Maxwell, Statistical Research Inc.; Duncan McLaren, University of Victoria; Paul Prince, McMaster University; Terry C. Spurgeon; Alex Maas, Historical Research Association of Seattle


Archaeology, Pacific Northwest, Northwest Coast, Namu, Central Coast, Vancouver Island, Haida Gwaii, Early lithics


A Forward by Carlson and 18 chapters on BC Coastal archaeology in honour of Professor Philip M. Hobler


  • Frontmatter
  • Complete Book
  • Frontispiece
  • Notes on Radiocarbon Dates
  • Contents
  • Preface and Acknowledgements
  • Forword
    BC Archaeology Then and Now
    Roy L. Carlson
  • 1 Long-term Continuity in Central Northwest Coast Settlement Patterns
    Aubrey Cannon
  • 2 Paleoenvironments, the TsiniTsini Site, and Nuxalk Oral Histories
    David R. Hall
  • 3 Ancient Landscapes and Archaeology in Haida Gwaii and Hecate Strait
    Daryl Fedje
  • 4 The Early Component at Ts’ishaa, an Outer Coast Site on Western Vancouver Island
    Alan D. McMillan
  • 5 Alpine Archaeology and Oral Traditions of the Squamish
    Rudy Reimer
  • 6 The use Of Large Terrestrial Mammal Bone on the Northwest Coast
    Farid Rahemtulla
  • 7 The Bear Cove Fauna and the Subsistence History of Northwest Coast Maritime Culture
    Catherine C. Carlson
  • 8 Port Hammond Revisited
    Mike Rousseau, Lisa P. Seip, Paul Ewonus, Simon Kaltenrieder
  • 9 Early Architecture from the southern Georgia Strait Region
    David P. Johnstone
  • 10 Validating the Maurer House
    David M. Schaepe
  • 11 Shell Middens and Midden Burials in Southern Strait of Georgia Prehistory
    Douglas Brown
  • 12 A New Look at Northwest Coast Stone Bowls
    Grant Keddie
  • 13 Growth Coloration Revisited
    Assessing Shell Fishing Seasonality in Coastal British Columbia
    David Maxwell
  • 14 Uncovering Historical Sequences in Central Coast Salish Oral Narratives
    Duncan McLaren
  • 15 Interpreting Style in Early Nuxalk Masks
    Lisa P. Seip
  • 16 Culture Contact at Kimsquit in long-term Regional Context
    Paul Prince
  • 17 Wapato
    Fact, Fantasy, and Fiction
    Terry C. Spurgeon
  • 18 Clocks, Lamps, Cups and Stuff
    Nineteenth Century Ceramic use among the Heiltsuk
    Alex Maas
  • References
  • Backmatter


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April 27, 2017

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