Projectile Point Sequences in Northwestern North America


Roy L. Carlson, Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University; Martin P. R. Magne, Parks Canada; E. James Dixon, Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, University of New Mexico; Daryl W. Fedje, Parks Canada; Quentin Mackie, University of Victoria; Tina Christensen, Pender Island, B. C.; Duncan McLaren, University of Victoria; Nicole Smith, Camosun College; Grant Keddie, Royal British Columbia Museum; Morley Eldridge, Millennia Research Limited; Martina Steffen, Royal BC Museum; Dale R. Croes, Department of Anthropology, Washington State University ; Department of Anthropology, South Puget Sound Community College; Scott Williams, Natural Resources Conservation Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture; Larry Ross, Cultural Resources Department; Mark Collard, Biological Anthropology Research Group, University of British Columbia; Carolyn Dennler, Department of Anthropology, South Puget Sound Community College; Barbara Vargo, AMEC Earth & Environmental; E. S. Lohse, Idaho State University; C. Shou, Idaho State University; Jerry R. Galm, Eastern Washington University; Stan Gough, Eastern Washington University; Mike K. Rousseau, Antiquus Archaeological Consultants Ltd.; Stanley A. Copp, Langara College; R. G. Matson, University of British Columbia; Aidan K. C. Burford, Archer Cultural Resource Consultants; Frank Craig, Archer Cultural Resource Consultants; Remi N. V. Farvacque, Archer Cultural Resource Consultants; Nicole Jackman, Archer Cultural Resource Consultants; D. Georgie Howe, Arcas Associates; Richard P. Brolly, Arcas Associates; P. Gregory Hare, Archaeology Programme, Department of Tourism and Culture, Government of Yukon; Thomas J. Hammer, Archaeological Services Branch, National Historic Sites Directorate, Parks Canada; Ruth M. Gotthardt, Archaeology Programme, Department of Tourism and Culture, Government of Yukon; Norman Alexander Easton, Arts and Sciences Division, Yukon College; Glen MacKay, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center


Archaeology, Pacific Northwest, Northwest Coast, Yukon, Washington, British Columbia, British Columbia Plateau, Mid-Fraser region, Projectile points, Projectile point typology, Paleoindian, Historic period, Spatial contexts, Temporal contexts


The 20 chapters in this volume are authored by archaeologists working in the many regions of the Northwest. Projectile points dating from over 10,000 years ago to the historic period are described, illustrated, and placed in their spatial and temporal contexts. The area covered stretches from the Yukon to central Washington and includes all of British Columbia. Many of the projectile points are recent discoveries that have not previously been published.


  • Frontmatter
  • Complete Book
  • Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Notes on Radiocarbon Dates
  • 1. Projectile Points Past and Present
    Roy L. Carlson, Martin P. R. Magne
  • 2. Bifaces from On Your Knees Cave, Southeast Alaska
    E. James Dixon
  • 3. A Projectile Point Sequence for Haida Gwaii
    Daryl W. Fedje, Quentin Mackie, Duncan McLaren, Tina Christensen
  • 4. The Stratigraphy of Bifacial Implements at the Richardson Island Site, Haida Gwaii
    Duncan McLaren, Nicole Smith
  • 5. Projectile Points from the Central and Northern Mainland Coast of British Columbia
    Roy L. Carlson
  • 6. Projectile Points from Southern Vancouver Island
    Grant Keddie
  • 7. Serrated Projectile Points from Inland Raised Elevation Sites in the Greater Victoria Area
    Morley Eldridge, Martina Steffen
  • 8. The Projectile Point Sequences in the Puget Sound Region
    Dale R. Croes, Scott Williams, Larry Ross, Mark Collard, Carolyn Dennler, Barbara Vargo
  • 9. Projectile Points from the Gulf and San Juan Islands
    Roy L. Carlson
  • 10. A Sequence of Formed Bifaces from the Fraser Valley Region of British Columbia
    Duncan McLaren, Martina Steffen
  • 11. The Southern Columbia Plateau Projectile Point Sequence
    An Informatics-Based Approach
    E. S. Lohse, C. Shou
  • 12. The Projectile Point/Knife Sample from the Sentinel Gap Site
    Jerry R. Galm, Stan Gough
  • 13. Chipped Stone Bifaces as Cultural, Behavioural, and Temporal Indices on the Central Canadian Plateau
    Mike K. Rousseau
  • 14. Okanagan-Similkameen Projectile Points
    Origins, Associations, and the Athapaskan Question
    Stanley A. Copp
  • 15. Projectile Points of Central and Northern Interior British Columbia
    Martin P. R. Magne, R. G. Matson
  • 16. An Early Cordilleran Assemblage from the Nechako-Fraser Basin
    Aidan K. C. Burford, Frank Craig, Remi N. V. Farvacque, Nicole Jackman
  • 17. Out of the Muskeg
    Projectile Points from British Columbia’s Northeast
    D. Georgie Howe, Richard P. Brolly
  • 18. The Yukon Projectile Point Database
    P. Gregory Hare, Thomas J. Hammer, Ruth M. Gotthardt
  • 19. Early Bifaces From the Little John Site (KdVo-6), Yukon Territory, Canada
    Norman Alexander Easton, Glen MacKay
  • 20. Projectile Points and Prehistory in Northwestern North America
    Roy L. Carlson, Martin P. R. Magne


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April 26, 2017