Toolstone Geography of the Pacific Northwest


Terry L. Ozbun; Ron L. Adams; Jesse Morin; Mike K. Rousseau; Heather Kendall; Brandi Lee MacDonald; Rudy Reimer; Tyrone Hamilton; Robert R. Mierendorf; Kevin E. Baldwin; Rick McClure; Ron L. Adams; Kenneth C. Reid; Matthew J. Root; Daryl E. Ferguson; Nicholas Smits; Sara J. Davis; Thomas J. Connolly; Craig E. Skinner; Paul W. Baxter; Daniel O. Stueber; Jacob S. Adams; Douglas H. MacDonald; Joanne M. Mack


Archaeology, Pacific Northwest, Northwest Coast Lithics, Lithic raw material sources, Quarry sites, Toolstones, Toolstone geography


The 242 page soft-cover book contains 15 chapters by well-known and respected authors presenting new and intriguing revelations about toolstones in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and northern California. Each chapter examines lithic raw material sources, the uses and distribution of the toolstones quarried from them, and the archaeological or anthropological inferences that studies of toolstone geography provide.


  • Complete Book
  • Frontmatter
  • Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Toolstone Geography and the Larger Lithic Landscape
    Terry L. Ozbun
  • Nephrite/Jade
    The Preeminent Celt Stone of the Pacific Northwest
    Jesse Morin
  • Primary Toolstone Sources and Pre-Contact Period Quarrying Behaviour in the Thompson River Drainage of South Central British Columbia
    Mike K. Rousseau
  • Chert Artifact-Material Correlation at Keatley Creek Using Geochemical Techniques
    Heather Kendall, Brandi Lee MacDonald
  • Implications Between Technological Organization and Portable XRay Fluorescence Analysis on Lithic Material Use at Two Rockshelter Sites on the Southern Northwest Coast
    Rudy Reimer, Tyrone Hamilton
  • Toolstone Geography in the Northern Cascades of Washington and Adjacent Area
    Robert R. Mierendorf, Kevin E. Baldwin
  • Elk Pass Obsidian and Pre-contact Band Territory in the Southern Washington Cascades
    Rick McClure
  • Columbia Hills Toolstone Geography
    Ron L. Adams
  • Estimating Biface Production Output at a Basaltic Andesite Workshop in the Blue Mountains
    Kenneth C. Reid, Matthew J. Root, Daryl E. Ferguson
  • New Perspectives on the Stockhoff Quarry
    Toolstone Procurement at a Quarry Complex in the Blue Mountains of Northeastern Oregon
    Nicholas Smits, Sara J. Davis
  • Ancient Trade Routes for Obsidian Cliffs and Newberry Volcano Toolstone in the Pacific Northwest
    Thomas J. Connolly, Craig E. Skinner, Paul W. Baxter
  • Glass Buttes, Oregon
    14,000 Years of Continuous Use
    Daniel O. Stueber, Craig E. Skinner
  • Differential Selection of Lithic Raw Materials by Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers in the Upper Yellowstone River Valley, Montana/Wyoming
    Jacob S. Adams, Douglas H. MacDonald
  • Obsidian Use in the Willamette Valley and Adjacent Western Cascades of Oregon
    Paul W. Baxter, Thomas J. Connolly, Craig E. Skinner
  • Upper Klamath River Obsidian Use Frequencies: Distance-ToSource and Additional Variables
    Joanne M. Mack


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April 4, 2017

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